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So here’s what I’m thinking. . . I would like to blog about twice a week. I’ve got friends who I think would prefer that also. So why can’t we have a blog with multiple posters? If it’s read with a feeder then it’s would more than likely have new posts daily and I think people would enjoy checking that out.

Thoughts? Would that be blog taboo?


Blogging ethics. . .

Alright folks. . .go with me here. To a place where emotions ran high and love was new. It was a place where we saw something or in this case, someone we liked and we called “dibs”. Yes, dibs the one word that told all others she’s mine. I saw her first and I get first shot at winning her love. Dibs was universal. . .Dibs was understood by all. You may not have honored dibs but you knew deep down that you were going after that which wasn’t yours. . . or in the case of this blog, maybe you were posting something that didn’t belong to you.

Blog ethics. . .this post is certainly not going to attempt to list each and every right and wrong in the blog world. This post, however, will reference a situation. The parties involved will remain nameless. They will simply be known as B1 and B2. The situation was this. . .

B1 reads an interesting article that he thinks blog readers would enjoy reading. He mentions it to B2 and then proceeds to post about it. Tagging the subjects in the article. B2 likes the article (no harm there) however, then proceeds to also blog about the article, no doubt tagging with the same subjects.

Now, one small but important point before I state my opinion. Both B1 and B2 are steady and consistent bloggers. However, just like Screech and Zach were steady and consistent attendees at the Max there is a difference between B1 & B2. B1 is a steady blogger with moderate views. B2 is a stud in the blog world with maximum daily views. In other words, when it comes to blogging, B2, like Zach Morris, always gets the girl.

So, the story in question was a good story. It had legs. It could have gotten B1 the views he would have liked to make it a great day, however, when B2 posted it also I think he stole the views b/c his blog has more juice.

In my opinion when B1 mentioned the story it was his. In today’s world of blogging I think this is important. Among your blog community, once someone blogs on a story, you have to let it be. It’s there’s. They called dibs and they get first shot. Come on B2, you can have Kelly, Jessie and, crap Lisa Turtle if you even wanted. Leave this one to B1.

In the immortal words of Mack Truck. . .that’s my opinion. . .ought to be yours.

PS. B1, I am not calling you Screech in this case is simply a reference to get my point across. I could have gone with AC but, well, he was a wrestler and, you know, I didn’t want to give anything away if you know what I mean.

ADD – Full of Distraction or Full of Crap:

A very simple question. . .ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) What do you think about it? Is it a load of crap? An excuse for people who don’t want to put forth the effort in a conversation, task or relationship or is it a legitimate problem that medication or therapy can help with?

I can check out pretty easy. Move on to another conversation or idea very quickly. It’s why my earlier post, “Wherever you are, be all there” is something that I really try to work on because I really need to focus to stay engaged sometimes. But is that just something everybody deals with or do I have ADD? My opinion is the former. Just plug in. Figure it out.

OR. .. How about this? What if I quit working on it and just embraced my multi-thought mind and ran with it? It’s like my golf swing tonight. . .I’m constantly working on it. I way overthink it and make the game of golf far more difficult than it needs to be (as if it needed any help). Just hit the freakin’ ball! I’m starting to think I’m overthinking too many things. My professional life, spiritual life, personal life, being a husband, being a Dad. . .what the heck?! Bill! Just relax. I know. . .

Anyway, this blog. It’s funny to me. Sometimes I just open my mind and pour it out (is that it CT is that where it comes from?) and I think shoot that doesn’t sound right. I need to rewrite that but you know what? Like my links and pics, I’m not going to do that much anymore b/c this blog is really for me. It’s something for me to do. Just random thoughts and for some reason people read it, but just like a tree that falls in the forest when no one is around still falls and yes, still makes noise, I too would write whether anybody read it or not. You know what? That’s a total crock right there. Not the tree part but the blog part. I wouldn’t do it. I check my stats like everybody else does. I would journal my deeper thoughts but this little thing right here. . .probably not. . . I think.


Pictures and Links:

I like to write these posts. I’ve pretty much made a post every weekday for about 2 months. That’s good for my somewhat ADD self. Trust me. Anyway, I’m about ready to quit posting pics and linking in my posts. That’s what takes the time, it’s not the post itself, it’s the accessories.

Here’s my question. . .will that hurt my post? Do I need links? Will it slow my “Google Juice”? (CT’s word)

Comment from previous blog. . .

So one thing about the way this blog is set up is that when someone comes on and comments on an earlier post you may not see it even though you were interested in the post when it was first posted. Read that sentence again and tell me it’s not obnoxious.

Anyway, I got up to get in the shower Saturday morning and, like I do every morning, I was reading my email on my Treo when I came across a new comment on my blog post titled, “Go down swingin. . . ”  It made me laugh in a morbid kind of way. . . real quick, the blog was about my funeral and funerals in general. To sum it up it was a conversation on the question of, “will there be alot of people at my funeral.”  Here was the comment I got from “Final Embrace”. . .

“From my 10+ years experience in the funeral industry, the number of people at your funeral will be directly related to the time of year, time of day and the weather.
If your family schedules your funeral for the day before Thanksgiving at 12:30 pm during a thunderstorm, you’re only going to get the diehards there. . . . “

So there you have it. . . change the world, build orphanages or hospitals, save trapped children from a burning building. . . it’s not going to get it done. Time of year, time of day and weather. That my friends is the answer and a fitting end to the conversation we had at “Go down swingin’. . .”

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