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Brad Paisley new album:


OK. . . so I’ve been gone a really long time. So if you’re reading this I really do appreciate you checking in. I’m going to try and re-engage with this blog and the album that I listened to over the last couple of days will make it easy.

You really need to check out Brad Paisley’s new album, “5th Gear”. Look, I’m not a huge Paisley fan but I do like his stuff. He’s found his niche with kind of silly heartstring songs. You know what to expect with him. “Ticks”, “Celebrity”, “Mud on the Tires”. . .all great fun songs. You also get songs like, “He Didn’t Have to Be” and “Little Moments” with him. Slower songs with lot’s of meaning.

So he’s written another one of these slower songs that I think is absolutely fantastic. It’s called “Letter to Me” and you’ve got to check it out. It’s basically a song about a letter written from a mid-30’s guy to himself when he was 17. It’s a letter from the future. Fantastic. Chad. . .you will love this song.

If anyone has this song and can tell me how to post it for others to hear that would be great. I’m such a rookie.


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