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It’s all about the shower. . .

Here’s the deal. . . I’m not a car guy. Cars are really not that important to me. I’d like to have a nice one some day but there are many, many things I want more so I choose to drive an old car and spend my money on those other things. One of those other things is a nice vacation. I really, really like a nice vacation and especially a nice hotel.

What I’ve found is that it’s not so much the hotel that I like. . . I mean the amenities and service are nice, don’t get me wrong but in the end it really all comes down to the showerhead. Seriously, a great shower from a great showerhead. One that is properly placed high enough so I don’t have to duck down and one that just blasts you with big heavy streams of water. Not one that stings but one that soothes. (Tell me you can’t feel it as you read this) Yes, a great showerhead is a wonderful thing and I’ll add, by the way, that at a lot of nice hotels the same showerhead keeps popping up. . . It’s the Speakman Anystream. From the Montage in Laguna Beach to the Pierre in NYC the Speakman Anystream seems to be the showerhead of choice. I’m pretty obsessed with it.

Anyway, would you not agree that of all services that a hotel offers doesn’t it really just come down to the shower? Yes, the Westin has it’s Heavenly Bed and the Doubletree has warm chocolate chip cookies but if the shower sucks then it really ends in disappointment doesn’t it?

It’s a lesson to all hotels. . .spend money on the shower. Get that right. You can save money in other areas but don’t scimp here. It’s all about the shower.


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