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Tapout. . .

So this Tapout thing is heating up. I first posted on this back on June 18th.   I saw the show and posted my thoughts. Wow. . .2,700 views and several very passionate comments later I thought I’d jump in and leave an updated post on this topic.

Here’s the deal, I like the show. I like what the guys are doing for these young fighters and I like the way the show tells their story. As a businessman, I like the way Mask runs his business. The whole “If I’m not having fun I’m not going to play, Jimmy Hendrix wants to play his music not BB King stuff” I like that and couldn’t agree more with how he runs his business. I also really like Punkass. I think he’s a cool dude and has his head on straight. I really don’t need to comment on Skyscrape b/c nobody can really take him serious.

That being said, I still think they are bad for MMA. It’s the XFL of the NFL. The XFL failed b/c we want serious fights not fluff. We don’t need a circus freakin’ sideshow. You cannot seriously believe that this is where we want MMA to go. With animated cartoon graphics and facepaint. What’s next? Masked fighters and camel clutches???

I think Charles (Mask) is probably a pretty good guy. I like his commitment. He is, however, hurting the sport with this show. A new viewer cannot think this is serious.


Tapout guys. . .What the?. . .

So I had read about this but hadn’t seen it yet. Two nights ago I’m flipping channels and came across the new MMA reality show by, I’m assuming, the guys who run Tapout. Are you kidding me? The guys who host this thing are awful for MMA. I can say that with confidence and I know nothing about them. I can’t even tell you their names except for Freak #1 and Freak #2.

Here’s the deal. . .the fight I saw. . . some kid from Liddell’s camp against another guy (Valencia?) was a great fight. It was on the HD Vs. channel so it looked fantastic and the camera angles and sounds of the fight were really good. Best I’ve seen. However, any credibility the show had was lost anytime F1 and F2 appeared. MMA is getting credibility as a legit sport b/c of guys like Dana White. This is a real guy. An in your face promoter of his passion. F1 and F2 are WWF personalities.

Get those guys off the freakin’ air.

Has anybody else seen this? What do you know about F1 and F2?

UFC vs. Boxing. . .

BT just sent me a great article talking about who would win a pound for pound fight — a boxing champion or a really good UFC fighter. Check it out here.

Of course my first reaction is that the UFC guy would destroy a boxer but I have to tell you that Mayweather’s confidence sells his side pretty good.

All fights go to the ground?


I’ve heard it said that “All fights go to the ground”. Grapplers will always beat boxers. Ground and Pound is where it’s at. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of grapplers. Ground and Pound guys like Hughes and Couture are awesome, but let’s really think about this for a second. What is winning fights lately? It’s not grappling folks. It’s good old fashioned boxing and stand up brawling.

Think about it. . . Saturday night Couture just picked the crap away at Sylvia. Yes, he took him down several times but that is not where the damage was done or the fight was won.

Couture’s previous two fights against Liddell never even went to the ground. The grappler was unable to take down the brawler and both fights resulted in knockouts.

Georges St. Pierre against Matt Hughes. May be the most dominant fight I’ve ever seen and it didn’t go to the ground. At least not to Hughes advantage. Once again. . . stand up not only won. . .it dominated.

Let’s see. . . who else? Anderson Silva against Rich Franklin? Come on bro. . . This was stand up. The damage was done in the clinch and while he didn’t get picked apart grappling was still not part of the equation.

Rich Franklin vs. Nate Quarry – Pure stand up and one of the greatest knock outs I’ve ever seen.

So, don’t get me wrong. As a high school wrestler I am a big fan of grappling and yes I understand that it’s the respect of the ground game that allows the stand up to work but I’ve got to tell you for my pay per view’s worth fighters need to really brush up on their stand up. Right now, it’s winning fights.

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