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Caroline pics:

We may eventually create a blog for Caroline but until then . . .here are a few quick pics.







Brad Paisley new album:


OK. . . so I’ve been gone a really long time. So if you’re reading this I really do appreciate you checking in. I’m going to try and re-engage with this blog and the album that I listened to over the last couple of days will make it easy.

You really need to check out Brad Paisley’s new album, “5th Gear”. Look, I’m not a huge Paisley fan but I do like his stuff. He’s found his niche with kind of silly heartstring songs. You know what to expect with him. “Ticks”, “Celebrity”, “Mud on the Tires”. . .all great fun songs. You also get songs like, “He Didn’t Have to Be” and “Little Moments” with him. Slower songs with lot’s of meaning.

So he’s written another one of these slower songs that I think is absolutely fantastic. It’s called “Letter to Me” and you’ve got to check it out. It’s basically a song about a letter written from a mid-30’s guy to himself when he was 17. It’s a letter from the future. Fantastic. Chad. . .you will love this song.

If anyone has this song and can tell me how to post it for others to hear that would be great. I’m such a rookie.

I know. . .I know. . .

In a bit of a blog posting rut here. Not much in the mood to post right now. Hang with me. I’ll be back soon. Life is good.

One quick note. . . be sure and go check out the most recent post on my friend Michael Morton’s blog. (Which Wich Embraces Social Media)  I think this is a great story. I’m really excited about it. Which could lead me to my next post. . . hmmmm. .. has to do with consistently doing something well and stepping out with new ideas. . .

Heaven or Hell. . .

So our church is really just made up of a bunch of small groups called Villages. Sunday morning is simply a gathering of all of our Villages in one central location. “Church” happens in the Village. We’ve got a great group of people. Folks with very different pasts and from very different walks of life.

At the current time we have decided to read through a book together and then discuss it each Wednesday night. The book is “Velvet Elvis” by Rob Bell. Now the point of this post has nothing to do with the book so please don’t comment on how much you love or hate (as many of you do) this book. The purpose of this post is to tell you about a question followed by a conversation that this book spawned last night.

It was the question of Hell. When I was a kid we talked about Hell all the time in church. Trust me, I knew all about Hell. As a child and still today, it is a very real place. Because it was so real it created an urgency in me to tell people about Jesus. When people died I wanted them in Heaven. The problem (I think. . .I’m still working on this) is that knowing all about Hell did not create a longing in me for Heaven. A LOVE for Heaven. It created simply the much better alternative to Hell. Hell bad, Heaven good. Do right and make good decisions not b/c it pleased my saviour but so that I wouldn’t go to Hell.

So today in our church and in many others the emphasis is hardly on Hell. In fact, it’s rarely mentioned. The emphasis is on loving Jesus and living your life to please him. Walk in a relationship with him, grow in that relationship with him and introduce others to that relationship b/c we were created to have that with our creator. I like that. I like the way that feels.

HOWEVER, and isn’t there always a big HOWEVER, I’m thinking about my kids. Shouldn’t they know about Hell? Shouldn’t they know that it’s a real place that is eternal separation from their creator? What are the upsides of knowing about it and what are the downsides? What do you guys think? Devil, burning, wailing and gnashing of teeth? or most of the focus on Heaven and Jesus. We’ll get to Hell later?

Gone for a week:

I am going to be out of commission for a week. No way to blog. . .at all. I am hoping to write a few blogs and date stamp them to  pop up while I’m gone, however, I’m not sure I’m going to get that done.

I will be back with some very good stories. I can assure you of that. So be sure and tune back in next week.

Until then. . .

“I have to be honest with you. . .”

I realized today how much I can’t stand this statement. I think it’s a horrible statement. Whenever I hear someone say, “I have to be honest with you or I’ll be honest with you” don’t you naturally think, “Aren’t you always”. What this statement says is “I’m not always honest with you but this time I will be.”

Doesn’t it sound so much better to use the word “candid” instead of “honest”. I’ll even take a “frank” just drop “honest”.

Remind me again why I got a Mac?

Mac’s are the best! Mac’s rock! That’s what I heard over and over again. Here’s the one I really like. . .”Especially for graphics. If you’re working with graphics, you HAVE to have a mac!”

Here’s the truth. Macs are fine. Macs look cool. Macs are no better than PC’s. In fact, it’s been my experience that macs aren’t as good as PC’s.

Now before all you “I’ve joined the Mac cult” people freak out on me, I’m going to tell you 2 real life examples that happened to me just tonight and I would like for you to tell me why I should like my Mac more than my PC.

It’s my birthday soon and my wife and kids gave me some presents tonight. Both were electronic.

1) Skycaddy – This is a GPS system for golf courses. You load a disc onto your computer to get set up. I loaded the disc on my Mac and it wouldn’t pull up. Hmm. . .I wondered, I guess I’m just not using it right. So I called my Mac buddy Paul and he calmly said, “Oh, it’s an .exe file. Mac won’t open them” Oh. . so I guess I’ll have to go to my PC, which I did and it worked perfectly. No problems at all. PC 1 / Mac 0

2) My daughters bought me a little digital camera. It’s a camera with pictures so it HAS to work on a mac right? B/c Macs ESPECIALLY rock when dealing with pictures or graphics. . . take the pictures. . . plug it in to the mac. . . guess what? It’s an .exe file. I walk into the PC and. . .works flawlessly. PC 2 / Mac 0

So, Remind me again why I got a mac. Other than it being “neat” and “in style”.

No bullcrap answers. . Real answers. Two brand new gifts that don’t work on a mac. . . Nice.

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