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So my brother posted this on his blog this morning. Have you ever had one of those songs where you were pretty much obsessed with it the first time you heard it? Yeah. . .this would be one of those.



I know. . .I know. . .

In a bit of a blog posting rut here. Not much in the mood to post right now. Hang with me. I’ll be back soon. Life is good.

One quick note. . . be sure and go check out the most recent post on my friend Michael Morton’s blog. (Which Wich Embraces Social Media)  I think this is a great story. I’m really excited about it. Which could lead me to my next post. . . hmmmm. .. has to do with consistently doing something well and stepping out with new ideas. . .

Song you wish you’d written. . .

I was listening to the radio this morning and heard a very simple song. Nothing special (although it became a huge hit) and I thought. . . “Man, that’s a really simple song. Why couldn’t I write a song like that? I know that song. I’ve lived that song or I’ve felt that song. I wish I’d written that.”

I’ve had this thought before. Many times. They are usually songs that are so basic I think, I could have written that. Of course, I can’t think of all of them at this very moment but I will list a few for you.  Now, to all my music purist friends out there who only like bands that no ones ever heard of, I’m interested in hearing from you to. Here are some songs off the top of my head. I will add to this list as some others pop into my head.

1. Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue. (The Angry American) – Toby Keith

2. A Moment You Would Die For (Ty Herndon)

3. Live Like You Were Dying (Tim McGraw)

4. I Can Only Imagine (Mercy Me)

5. My Little Girl (Tim McGraw)

6. Stay Forever (Hal Ketchum)

So have you had this thought before? What are your songs?

Tapout guys. . .What the?. . .

So I had read about this but hadn’t seen it yet. Two nights ago I’m flipping channels and came across the new MMA reality show by, I’m assuming, the guys who run Tapout. Are you kidding me? The guys who host this thing are awful for MMA. I can say that with confidence and I know nothing about them. I can’t even tell you their names except for Freak #1 and Freak #2.

Here’s the deal. . .the fight I saw. . . some kid from Liddell’s camp against another guy (Valencia?) was a great fight. It was on the HD Vs. channel so it looked fantastic and the camera angles and sounds of the fight were really good. Best I’ve seen. However, any credibility the show had was lost anytime F1 and F2 appeared. MMA is getting credibility as a legit sport b/c of guys like Dana White. This is a real guy. An in your face promoter of his passion. F1 and F2 are WWF personalities.

Get those guys off the freakin’ air.

Has anybody else seen this? What do you know about F1 and F2?

Heaven or Hell. . .

So our church is really just made up of a bunch of small groups called Villages. Sunday morning is simply a gathering of all of our Villages in one central location. “Church” happens in the Village. We’ve got a great group of people. Folks with very different pasts and from very different walks of life.

At the current time we have decided to read through a book together and then discuss it each Wednesday night. The book is “Velvet Elvis” by Rob Bell. Now the point of this post has nothing to do with the book so please don’t comment on how much you love or hate (as many of you do) this book. The purpose of this post is to tell you about a question followed by a conversation that this book spawned last night.

It was the question of Hell. When I was a kid we talked about Hell all the time in church. Trust me, I knew all about Hell. As a child and still today, it is a very real place. Because it was so real it created an urgency in me to tell people about Jesus. When people died I wanted them in Heaven. The problem (I think. . .I’m still working on this) is that knowing all about Hell did not create a longing in me for Heaven. A LOVE for Heaven. It created simply the much better alternative to Hell. Hell bad, Heaven good. Do right and make good decisions not b/c it pleased my saviour but so that I wouldn’t go to Hell.

So today in our church and in many others the emphasis is hardly on Hell. In fact, it’s rarely mentioned. The emphasis is on loving Jesus and living your life to please him. Walk in a relationship with him, grow in that relationship with him and introduce others to that relationship b/c we were created to have that with our creator. I like that. I like the way that feels.

HOWEVER, and isn’t there always a big HOWEVER, I’m thinking about my kids. Shouldn’t they know about Hell? Shouldn’t they know that it’s a real place that is eternal separation from their creator? What are the upsides of knowing about it and what are the downsides? What do you guys think? Devil, burning, wailing and gnashing of teeth? or most of the focus on Heaven and Jesus. We’ll get to Hell later?

The dreaded “E” word. . .


I’ve got to start exercising. I blogged about 2 months ago that I was trying to hit my weight loss goal of losing 10% of my body weight. I achieved closer to 13% and got down to 184lbs. As of the last week I’ve been holding steady at 200lbs. It’s all in my gut. I’m well on my way to the world of our big bellied friend picture above.

I need to start running again. I have no motivation to run, however. Some people will comment on this and say “don’t run. . .it’s bad for your knees”. . . or “don’t run. . . bike” or “ELIPTICAL!” Here’s the deal. . .you’re missing the point. A) I love running. When I’m in shape, I love it. 2) Exercise is not on my radar right now. It’s not that I’m not doing anything physical it’s just the idea of “going to the gym” or getting to the point where it’s fun isn’t exciting me right now.

I’ve been here before and I’ve snapped out of it. I will again. The weight just comes so quick now.

Alright. . .I’m going running. Right now. I’m doing it.

In the morning.


Keychains. . . how much is too much:

Sorry, I don’t have much for you this morning but I will say this. I left the house this morning with my keychain and realized that I had slowly become something that I’m not fond of. I’m officially that guy with a big keychain. On my keys right now are 2 remotes, and Nashville Predators bottle opener and 4 keys. 1 of those keys I have no idea what it goes to.

I have my jeep key, a locker key, my office key and an anonymous key + the remotes. So tomorrow when I go to work the remote is going in the car. The other remote I am going to keep at the house. The Predators bottle opener is going in the garbage and the anonymous key is gone.

I’m much lighter now. This is a positive thing.

Look at your keychain. What can you get rid of?

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