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BT just sent me a great article talking about who would win a pound for pound fight — a boxing champion or a really good UFC fighter. Check it out here.

Of course my first reaction is that the UFC guy would destroy a boxer but I have to tell you that Mayweather’s confidence sells his side pretty good.


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  1. 1 The Figurehead April 20, 2007 at 2:01 pm

    As much as I love the UFC, I have to agree with Mayweather on this issue. There’s no chance a guy like Sean Sherk would survive the initial barrage of punches.

  2. 2 The Scolai April 21, 2007 at 4:04 pm

    I disagree. I think Mayweather owes much of his success to a lack of truly credible opponents. How would he have done against Sugar Ray Robinson? Jake LaMotta? Leonard? Hearns? Hagler? I think Sherk would survive because UFC guys don’t move in on an opponent the same way a boxer does. I also agree with the author; if Mayweather doesn’t knock him out with punch one or two, he’s done.

  3. 3 Hooligan April 22, 2007 at 6:47 am

    Here we go again, since the MMA game has come to town everyone tries to discredit the fighters. If it were a straight boxing match I would go with the trained boxer over the MMA guy. If it were a MMA match the boxer would be on the mat in short order. The two sports are different there should be no competition in the two let boxers box and let MMA guys do MMA stuff.

  4. 4 Desktopjunk April 22, 2007 at 12:45 pm

    Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

  5. 5 The Figurehead April 22, 2007 at 7:15 pm

    I think it depends on the MMA guy that you put in there. As a kid, teenager, and young man wrestling was my life – literally – I ate (rarely), slept, and breathed wrestling. Sadly though, I don’t think Sean Sherk has the striking prowess to get past Mayweather. Put a guy like George St. Pierre who can attack with his feet in there and the boxer is in some trouble; a few leg kicks to soften the boxer up, ellude a few punches, a double leg takedown, and ultimately a submission. I just don’t think Sherk could keep Mayweather off of him long enough to get a takedown.

    On a side note: please tell me you saw Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Mirko Cro Cop last night. I won’t spoil it for you, in case you missed it, but …wow.

  6. 6 Bill Hampton April 22, 2007 at 10:44 pm

    OH yes. I saw it. Incredible. I actually recorded it and watched Cro cop’s ankle turn a complete 180 about 5 times. Couture’s got to be a little anxious for his upcoming fight with Gonzaga.

  7. 7 Rock April 27, 2007 at 12:15 pm

    UFC / Pride are a full contact rip your heap off type sport. I have seen every UFC and Pride fight and have been to several live events. I have studied a few different martial arts over the last 15 years. There is no chance of a boxer beating a MMA fighter in the octagon. Now if it was with boxing rules only then I say the boxer wins. It all depends on the situation. But the old saying “anyone can lose on any given day” is so true.

    And yes Bill, Randy is going to have his hands full. But so is Chuck Liddell going up against Rampage jackson next month

  8. 8 Jason Hughes May 5, 2007 at 6:12 pm

    MMA guys are the complete fighters! MMA guys are at the level that every boxer hopes to be at some point in his miserable life. Yeah sure a boxer has a puncher’s chance of winning if the rules were all boxing rules, but if those same dudes fought at the back of a bar. We all know that the boxer is getting an ass whipping only his daddy could give him. What I’m trying to say is that MMA guys are all around much better fighters than those boxers. One more thing Mayweather, I can understand that one million is not much for you, but how about putting your pride on the line chump!? We all know that pride is everything to a fighter.

  9. 9 Jason Hughes May 5, 2007 at 6:15 pm

    … A real fighter!!!!!!!!!!!! Mayweather is all about hype. MMA is all about skill and commitment to be at the top.

  10. 10 jon doe May 6, 2007 at 9:21 pm

    I want all UFC fans to watch any of their fights and see how much slower their punches are than boxers. Boxers are able to put down their opponents with one punch, with a much thicker, more protective glove. I dont think sean sherk could come anywhere near mayweather without taking a severe punishment. Even if Sherk is able to stay up, he would be too dazed and confused to even try anything. Plus boxers are much more in shape, fighting sometimes 15 rounds as opposed to a 5 minute UFC fight

  11. 11 D May 27, 2007 at 10:46 pm

    just would like to comment on a couple of posts on here. First, I agree with hooligan, let boxing be boxing and mma be mma, second, Mr. hughes why would you come on here and call a professional fighter a chump when he would eat your stupid ass up without breaking a sweat? You are coming on here talking all this disrespecting crap of which you know nothing about when you’re not going to be the one backing up the talk. We all know that both are very disciplined fighters and I respect both styles. Being that I have both boxed and wrestled, I know that it takes a damn good chin to be able to get clocked and still want to attempt to shoot for a take down a second time. I like mma but from what i’ve seen there are few fighters in mma who have solid chin like that. I like Liddell, but just look at what happened to him against Rampage. Rampage just caught him on the chin and he went down and got beat. You put a boxer in there who is a more accurate puncher with Liddell who likes to start out toe to toe, well you can put the rest together.

  12. 12 BOOMER916 May 28, 2007 at 9:46 pm

    No, boxer (who only boxes) would EVER stand a chance in the octagon. Boxers are great athletes and are very good standing up, but I think some of you guys are forgeting the fact that the MMA fighter would strike back as well. If a MMA fighter goes in swinging, on lets say floyd mayweather, he closes the distance and all he has to do is either get in his under hooks or chang levels and take him down, and then it’s all over.
    Also keep in mind the fact that the MMA gloves are totally different than the Boxers gloves. The boxers gloves are bigger and weigh 16oz, the MMA gloves are only 4oz. If you gover up in the same fashion that a boxer does your still gonna get hit.
    A lot of the MMA fighters are very good at boxing, because it’s a part of the entire sport. MMA fighting is very dynamic, and to specialize in only but a part of it, like a boxer, IS NOT GOING TO GET THE JOB DONE!

  13. 13 gazoo May 29, 2007 at 8:19 pm

    There seems to be alot of talk of an mma fighter vs a boxer but I think you guys are forgetting one other sport;that of course being professional wrestling.I mean how many athletes do you know that could take a chair across the head or a sledge hammer to the face and live not only to talk about it but to fight another day.I mean really whether its lidell or mayweather or rampage jackson do any of there punches or kicks match the momentum and force of an elbow coming strait down on top of you from the top rope???? What about being body slammed on to thumb tacks and being hit with a barb wired baseball bat and to think these professional athletes do this regularly without even getting a black eye drawing blood or even so much as a scratch.Now thats one tough S O B and you guys are debating a boxer vs a mma fighter???.You can have your sean sherk vs mayweather fight but until either of them can man up against either Goldust or Sean Michaels then hey you know what, I for one am not interested………Brother!!!!!

  14. 14 DAZ June 4, 2007 at 2:16 am

    Look here, I see it like this. MMA guys are jacks of all trades but masters of none. Boxing guys are masters of one art but not schooled in the others. MMA is a tough sport that requires a lot of training and guts but the fact is that boxing is far more athletic. Boxing is more of a sport where as MMA is a well rounded martial art (well, mix of martial arts). So for pure technique, style, and athleticism boxing is the best. But I would imagine much less skilled MMA opponents could beat boxers because they are schooled in other elements even if they are not that good. That said, i have respect for any man that faces his fears and gets in the ring but to me, boxing is the real deal.

  15. 15 gman June 13, 2007 at 5:56 pm

    Are you guys kidding me? Lets 1st clear up some misconceptions about mma; 1. the match is not 5 min, instead each round is 5 min 2. a match can be as many as 5 rounds. The last time I checked a boxing round was only 2 minutes and these guys were weezing like asthmatics and hughing on each other after only 3 rounds. So lets stay away from the more athletic aspect of the arguement. I will give you Mayweather would have a punchers chance in the UFC but after the opening punches it would be over. As memory serves boxers have not faired well in mma competitions and in real life the chances of a boxing match occuring during a real fight are slim to none. Give credit where credit is due, mma is on the rise and Mayweather is trying to save a corrupt and dying sport.

    Overall: Mayweather=Great Boxer
    Sherk=Great Fighter
    In a fight the fighter wins 9 times out of 10

  16. 16 shark July 2, 2007 at 10:15 am

    i dont know if anyone here has heard of k1 but this is an all stand up fighting organization. which means no grappling. before attacking a complete mixed martial arts organization. he should probably start fighting a semi mixed martial arts competition, where he can at least fight people standing up where he excels. he could never even beat these guys. specially with the kicks, knees, elbows, he still wouldn’t be much of a challege to these guys.

  17. 17 John ONeill October 7, 2007 at 11:34 pm

    Look at how Rampage beat Chuck Liddell. It may as well have been a boxing match.

  18. 18 stephen t October 20, 2007 at 6:28 pm

    ok i have this debate all the time at my job. mma vs boxing. i respect boxing but its one dimensional. where as mma is very three or four dimensional. thats why you could never have a sanctioned mayweather vs random mma fighter match. mma fighters are used to mma rules and the same for boxers. if you put mayweather in the octagon he would get hurt. just like if you put sherk in a boxing ring. but in real life situations mma is good to know. i mean how many fights have we all been in that resembled a boxing match? 9 out 10 street fights go to the ground. and theres this talk that boxers are better athletes. i cant say for sure because outside of rocky ive never seen boxers train but i have seen “all access” on spike showing several mma fighters training and holy goodness, i cant see how it gets much more athletic than that. so in closing i respect both sports for what they are but its like comparing apples and oranges. but my heart lies with mma.

  19. 19 MR.CLINT October 27, 2007 at 6:36 pm

    good points on both sides of the argument. but…..you wouldnt expect Jerry Rice to do much on the basketball court against any NBA player would you? i understand they are both ‘fighting’ sports, but there are too many advantages and disadvantages to make a solid case. Most of the debate is about dragging a boxer into the world of MMA and i don’t understand this. Fans of MMA are quick to say that the top fighters would kill boxers. maybe, but ONLY in the “octagon”. yeah, thats fair. about as fair as throwing an MMA fighter in the “ring”, and taking away his ability to wrestle. What does interest me is certain UFC fighters, especially fighters known for their “striking”. Liddell is a good example. He prefers to stand toe to toe, and he keeps challengers at bay with good defense so that he can keep the fight off the ground. Now a MMA fighter such as this would be the only exception for a match up between a MMA fighter and a professional Boxer. and guess what? Klitschko, Hopkins, Calzaghe, Pavlik, Mayweather, Cotto, Hatton, Pacquiao, Vasquez would all truimph in that situation. Thing is, no MMA fighter would ever take that chance and i think thats the challenge we all want to see. Better just look forward to Calzaghe vs Kessler on Nov 3 for free. thats right. a great fight for free. no PPV.

  20. 20 taliban November 10, 2007 at 3:00 am

    GMan are you kidding boxing a dying sport? Are you crazy. De la Hoya vs Mayweather alone grossed more than 10 months of ufc ppv’s. When Dana White put out the numbers ufc ppv 220 million hbo boxing 180 million that was before the Mayweather De la Hoya fight. He does that to hype his promotions. You will NEVER see an mma fight pull in those numbers. This weekend Shane Mosley vs Miguel Cotto will gross more than Lidell v. Ortiz v. Cotoure, v.Jackson combined. Furthermore ufc has 12 ppv’s a year Boxing has less and still pulls off incredible numbers.A dying sport doesn’t do that. You will never see Chuck lidell get 30 million per fight. A dying sport can’t pay not one, but SEVERAL fighters 10 20 30 million per fight.Chuck Lidell vs Wanderlei Silva,(a fight I have been looking forward to for years) won’t pull off Mosley v. Cotto numbers. They damn sure won’t get paid the same. Certain narrow minded mma groupies may not like boxing, or some 12 year old suburbanite who wants to be Chuck Lidell when he grows up don’t make boxing a dying sport. Led Zeppelin fans don’t like Kanye West so what that won’t stop his sales. Calzaghe vs Kessler(free) will be bigger than the free Henderson Jackson (boring) bout. Kelly Pavlik vs anybody will be bigger than Rashaad Evans vs Micheal Bisping. Lidell V Silva is a long time dream match up, and it still won’t match Ricky Hatton vs. Floyd Matyweather. Randy Vs Fedor may never happen but that wouldn’t have been that big either. Lidell vs Rampage was huge but still didn’t do boxing numbers. So how is it dying? Anderson Silva is AMAZING! one of the best fighters in the world, he still won’t be as big of a draw as Arturo Gatti.Dana Whte may say his guys are more popular but who in mma has ever I mean EVER been more popular than Pacquiao? Sugar Ray Leonard? Ali? Ali? the Greatest Muhamad Ali? Tyson? TYson? Tyson? Lewis? Mayweather? De La Hoya? Gatti? Mirko Cro Cop is Nowhere near the level in Eastern Europe as either of the Klitschko brothers. Yeah Chuck lidell maybe more popular than Vargas but not Oscar.I know on ESPN COMEDIAN yes COMEDIAN Joe Rogan (and Dana White) likes to brag that ufc fans are younger boxing fans are older SO?! realistically older fans spend money and stick with what they like. Younger fans are fickle and will eventually turn on mma like they do everything.The microwave generation works for MTV but thats it. I like both (boxing more) but don’t say boxing is dying because you don’t like it or because Joe Rogan said that bullsh*t just to promote ufc’s ppv’s.Vince Mcmahon
    regularly beats out ufc and boxing that doesn’t mean that everything will be swallowed up by WWE. Like what you like but don’t be ignorant.

  21. 21 taliban November 10, 2007 at 3:19 am

    Now the other topic who is better the mma fighter or the boxer. Well first let’s get rid of the fake phony myth that mma fighters and fans need to promote the product, is that mma fighters are good at many styles and boxers are good at only one. Well realistically most mma fighter are AVERAGE OR BELOW at many styles. They are jack of all trades but masters at none. I see the commercials when they say ” I’m good at boxing, karate, wrestling, muay thai, etc.. most of them are only ok at wrestling, they suck horribly in boxing, they are pathetic in muay thai, they are no good in Ju jitsu, or karate,(not all of them of course.) but none and I mean NONE of these guys excel at multiple disciplines. Chuck lidell is the most dominate ufc fighter and he did it standing and striking. Compared to a boxer his stand up and striking is slow, weak, childlike, disgusting, amateurish, pathetic etc…If the boxer can stop the takedown which many of them can,the mma guy can’t do sh#t, period. Rampage vs Lidell showed you what would happen if a boxer fought an mma fighter. And if you put somebody like Pavlik or Klitschko who already have one punch knockout power in those 4 oz. gloves?? Are you crazy??? But don’t think I’m one sided guys like GSB or Anderson Sllva can go with boxers but that’s rare. And don’t be stupid, Vitalli would knock Fedor or Cotoure out before they could girl out and grab him. You see what he does in boxing gloves??? Don’t be a fool, You know what he would do in those little 4 oz gloves.

    • 22 don September 30, 2009 at 2:07 pm

      A boxer has a much better chance of winning or succeeding in mma than an mma guy in boxing. Boxers hit tremendoulsy hard. They always keep a jab in your face and they have superior footwork compared to mma fighters. In mma you always have luck in boxing there in no luck just pure skill and hard work.

      Ufc has amazing strikers but in they are so terrible at punching, kicking, elbows, knees etc…. that it’s a shame for them to say that they are good at kickboxing boxing or muy thai. Those pathetic white guys know damn well that if they faught real muy thay, boxers, kickboxing, even karate guys they would get destroyed. For some reason they think that a fews weeks of boxng or muy thai makes them formatable striker they couldn’t be more wrong. UFC is just a bunch of crappy (gay)wrestlers trying to do what they should of done strike.

      In a actual fight it could go both ways, mma guys alway say “fight always goes on the ground” in boxng all it takes is one punch for a ufc guy to know his place in the fighting business. There good or average at wrestling but suck at boxing, muy thai, kickboxing, karate, etc….

      Like I said Boxing is so difficult that many mma guys would not last long in a boxing match. If boxers took off their gloves put on mma gloves they could break, damage or even kill some of those ufc fighters. They just don’t know how to strike or even throw a punch.

      The best mma fightes (fedor, brock, couture, arlovski etc..) would not last in striking match withe ( klitschko brothers, b-hop, adamek, david tua, sugar ray leaonard, etc…) they just won’t because they are not skilled at one particular sport just decent in everything.

  22. 23 Jackofalltrade November 12, 2007 at 11:03 am

    how about instead of mma fighter in boxing match and boxers in mma rules match, we have boxer vs mma fighter in a netural street fight?

    Who would walk out of the place standing?

    Now that is a much more logical way to debate this.

    It be hard to call. Keep in mind boxers have very powerful punches and on the other hand mma fighter if they can get a takedown and a chokehold…then it’s game over.

    So u either looking at the winner being the boxer who can land some heavy clean punches or the mma fighter who can get a ground based choke hold on to walk out of the fight winning.

    I would say boxing is more practical in a street fight real life situation. Let’s say you are up against three guys, would boxing or mma ground and choke save your ass? Whereas mma is right now way more watchable than boxing which is corrupted and declining.

  23. 24 Ron February 4, 2008 at 1:38 pm

    Most of you guys are ass-clowns. MMA is real but it is EXTREMELY commercial. Its sounds really good to say, “in order to be a great MMA fighter, one must train for years, get well-versed in a variety of disciplines and be prepared for both submitters and stikers” and it also sells well. In reality, most fights that you witness only last a minute or two, if they go that long. It is almost impossible to avoid getting punched, Brock Lesner who is 265lbs gave his opponent a barage of punches although he eventually lost. A boxer could have done much much better and would not need more than a few punches. UFC tries to sell its submission tactics to young, inexperienced men who believe learning MMA fighting will give them effective self defense techniques. But, in reality if you are walking down the street and you are jumped but three hoodlums, you cannot try to submitt them one at a time. “Excuse mr.’s can you please wait while I do a submission on your thug pals so I can have a chance, ohh and don’t kill me.” Its not practical and and ground fighter do get hit and often, its just the rules that protect them. Why not let fighter compete with no padded gloves. Why not? Because jiu-jitsu would be a joke and all other ground-fighting techniques. In the end of this argument to end all foolish MMA/Boxing arguments. Let me leave you with the fact that Bruce lee who studied all fighting styles, said of Jiu-jitsu. “It works in tournaments but not real life.” He stated that is is particularly ineffective in street (real) fights because it can be easily countered by head butts, biting, cheap shots etc, punches behind the head. Which UFC does not allow for commercial purposes.

    Thank you,
    Please grow up.

  24. 25 Mike February 9, 2008 at 1:04 pm

    bj penn lost a street brawl in a 2 second flurry from a local boxer at a honolulu night club. knocked him out cold. what the hell is he or sherk going to do with mayweather or jones jr in a street fight. hell, even bruce lee would get his butt kicked by those guys. jones jr = 30 punches in 3 seconds (training on double end bag), mayweather= 6000 consecutive punches (heavy bag)!

  25. 26 Total Martial Artist March 4, 2008 at 8:44 am

    I agree with Hooligan.

    If you put an MMA fighter in against a world class boxer like Mayweather at the same weight in a boxing match the boxer is going to win, as that is what he trains for specifically and his tools are best suited to that type of fight. But put the same fighters in an MMA fight then the MMA fighter will win as he has more tools at his disaposal and can use kicks to keep out of boxing range and then shoot in for a takedown. Not many boxers will have the skills to be able to cope in an MMA fight

  26. 27 Michael March 11, 2008 at 10:48 am

    Sean Sherk isn’t stupid, he wouldn’t stand and trade with Floyd Mayweather. Unless Mayweather knocks him out with the first punch, he’s going to get taken down and pounded. It really is that simple.

  27. 28 Michael March 11, 2008 at 10:51 am

    Ron, you really are a prime example of an ignorant person who tries to sound authoritative on something he has very little experience of.

    And wait..you’re calling people “ass clowns” and then telling them to grow up? I think you need to take some of your own advice. Here’s some more advice: go down to you local Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy with your obnoxious attitude and see how well you fare.

  28. 29 Mochan March 15, 2008 at 6:57 am

    Mr. Clint, so basically you’re saying only strikers like Chuck LIdell should be allowed to fight boxers? But you’re wrong here too: Chuck Lidell isn’t a boxer, he’s a wrestler, and he can take down Klitschko, Hopkins, Calzaghe, Pavlik, Mayweather, Cotto, Hatton, Pacquiao, Vasquez with his singles and doubles. He simply chooses to stand because that style of his works really well against opposing GRAPPLERS. Chuck is not a great striker, he hits hard and can counterpunch but his standup is not tight.

    Most boxers are better than most MMA fighters in the stand up. Exceptions being against people like Mirko or Congo who would school everyone on your list due to sheer size. Oh and LOL Manny Pacquiao can beat Chuck? LOL dream on dude Chuck is like twice the size of Manny. I’m Filipino and even I am not stupid enough to think that Manny can beat Chuck, even in a boxing match.

    The reason people like to talk about boxers in an MMA match is because boxing *IS* part of MMA. Fighting under MMA rules, boxers can do everything they usually do in a boxing match. The inverse is not true: MMA fighters cannot do everything they normally do in a boxing match.

    So to see who’s really the “better” fighter they need to fight with a rules set that lets each one do what they normally do. So it makes more sense to hold the match under MMA rules. Better yet come up with something like the Mirko vs. Wanderlei Silva rules which were a compromise between standup striking and MMA rules.

    And lastly, to the idiots who think MMA fighters are less “athletic” than boxers because of round length or whatever, MMA fighters are more athletic, it’s a LOT more tiring to do grappling and striking than to just stand up and punch. Anyone who thinks it is a 1:1 comparison for the round length is retarded, grappling is a lot more tiring than it looks. moreover 3 minute rounds over 12 rounds with 12 minutes worth of rest isn’t as taxing as Pride’s 10 minute first round, 2 minute break and 5 and 5 minute rounds. Or what about Pancrase’s 1 big 30 minute round? And again you do a lot more in MMA than just punch and weave and that is a lot more taxing.

  29. 30 david October 9, 2008 at 3:17 am

    I was an amatuer boxer. I got started by going to the gym with two friends that had been boxing since they were seven. I was about 14. I had played football, lifted alot of weights, and fought a few guys at school, I was very muscled, and thought I was pretty tough.

    I realized real fast how much difference there was between me and the experienced boxers. At first I thought, “if I got them outside the ring though I would undoubtebly win”. After getting in the ring, I realized, they could have put me out of there and it would not have made much difference out of the ring. They were taking it easy on me.

    Once my more experienced friend, got tired of me saying how, if a boxer got taken down they’d get beat. He challenged me to try it. We were friends but went pretty much full speed, and I saw then that you don’t just take a boxer down. You are going to get hit hard and fast, you will may be still standing but your stunned.

    Boxers are more skilled in other areas than people think. They are strong, fast athletes that have usually had many fights in and out of the ring….there usually damn tough guys that can knock you out with one punch that you will probably never see. Try charging and taking them down, they will simply bend their knees, get down in their stance with more power, and hit you with an uppercut that will break your jaw.

    I’m talking about amatuer open class boxers. I kept going and fought off and on well into my thirties. I had about 35 matches, became an open class fighter, and sparred and fought guys that went on to be world champions. I got in some scraps with guys that thought they were tough and I usually finished it within a couple of minutes, and they were usually twice my size, but I would be nothing compared to a professional world champion, and neither would Chuck Liddel, and alot of other MMA fighters.

    When someone like Mike Tyson, Klitchko, Bernard Hopkins, hit you, bones in your face break! They hit unbelievably hard and have it down to a fine art. I’ve seen MMA fights where they say the guy was a boxer, but he was never was even ranked, or had maybe 10 fights, or over the hill and washed up.

    Liddel would not even break the top 20 in his weight class in professional boxing. Alot of the MMA guys have been fighting and had 10 or 20 fights. Most world champion boxers have had over 75 amatuer fights. They don’t spar by rolling around, they go full speed and maybe pull their punches a little. S

    Sometimes guys that were black belts in Karate would come to the gym, and they didn’t even realize the boxer they sparred with was just toying with them and could have knocked them out easily…and these were very good amatuers, not professional world champions. The Pro boxers training and skill level right now is usually way above the MMA. Its like comparing a college football player to a pro.

    Having said that, I can see the skill level going up in MMA, and with its becoming more popular than boxing (I believe it is) it will continue to do so, and maybe they will reach the level of a REAL top pro boxer, but right now they are not at that level, they would get hurt (seriously). Dana White, being around boxing knows that, and although he talkes like he would welcome boxers to MMA, he really does not want that, because it would really hurt its popularity when they see what a champion boxer would do to the average MMA fighter with those little gloves on. When people try boxing, they don’t like it because they usually get the crap beat out of them, actually punched, but they think like I did, that if it were out of the ring it would be different. So when they see MMA, its more appealing to them, helps reassert the masculinity. Moreover, they usually mix it up more in MMA, where as in boxing one punch will put you out, so they have to be defensive and careful, which can make for a boring fight.

    I do believe that the boxers that depend on staying away from a guy and relying on speed and don’t have much power would have a harder time, and might get taken down and lose (Maywheather), but even they hit harder than it looks like, and its so fast you don’t really know what happened, and their teeing off now while your stunned! So yes sometimes an MMA guy would win, but a real pro boxer would win 8 out of ten times, and it might not even should be legal, cause like I said its like putting an amatuer against a pro. I can attest boxing does work very good in street fights as well, but it would be good to have a skill to get someone off the top of you if they some how end up on top!

    MMA is great and I love to watch it! I would love to see a good pro boxer in his prime get in there with them, and I don’t care which side would win, but I would be surprised if it was the MMA guy. If they could just get the prize money up to what a champion boxer makes. I believe Mike Tyson got 40 mill for one fight, and thats getting to be a long time ago.

    In closing, the fighters I trained in the gym with are Donald Curry, Steve Cruz, were the most notable, watch Curry on UTube, he was great in his prime.

  30. 31 Steve Rupp December 30, 2008 at 11:02 am

    I’m johnny-come-lately with my comments here again, sorry. The above comment is all fine and good until you consider Art Jimmerson (Pro boxing record of 29-5, no slouch) and Marcus Davis (17-1 pro boxing career), the two professional boxers I can think of off the top of my head who have entered MMA at the professional level. Art was taken down and almost immediately submitted by his first and only MMA opponent (Royce Gracie) before deciding the sport was not for him. Marcus Davis was also immediately taken down and submitted in his debut by Joe “Daddy” Stevenson, a decidedly middle of the road MMA fighter. Davis has gone on to have a very successful MMA career, but the proof is in the pudding – he has won more than half of his MMA fights by submission, not by the magic uppercut you mention above. Of course Floyd Mayweather would do well against most MMA fighters, he’s the BEST BOXER THERE IS. That is why he would survive, not simply by virtue of him being a boxer – that’s plain ridiculous. Secondly, almost all MMA fighters go through rigorous Muay Thai (Kick *BOXING*) training, are used to taking several punches to get the takedown/sub, and additionally don’t wear 16oz. gloves that are as soft as your grandmother’s down pillow. Just my two cents, I won’t bother listing my experience here, but believe me, I fight.

  31. 32 Yaspaa February 11, 2009 at 5:55 am

    If a boxer was in a UFC ring and got tagged he would go down just like anyone else,the gloves are much smaller. Mayweather would die embarrassingly quickly against most ufc guys.

  32. 33 !!! April 26, 2009 at 5:29 am

    If you gave a professional boxer the chance to learn a few more techniques then he would destroy most of those two-bit fighters that i see fighting in the UFC. Most of those UFC fighters are APPALLING athletes compared to boxers but they’re made to look good because they’re fighting fellow BUMS who manage to top bills with just a few fights under their belt LOL and try to make themselves look tough by shaving their heads and getting tattooed all over! LOL

    The only reason that UFC is doing so well in America at the moment is because you’re doing sh!t at boxing and you don’t have a single decent heavy weight. MMA isn’t that big at all outside of the states and the reason for that is because the rest of the world is doing really well at boxing.

    Once the next great American heavy weight bursts onto the scene like Tyson did, then see you later UFC!!

  33. 34 justbuytickets May 17, 2010 at 7:30 am

    I am working on this argument for UFC vs Boxing http://ufc-vs-boxing.com/Home.php

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